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All Bangladesh

Asteroid Search Campaign

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Students Say


Atif Absar AP Cosmic Beads

The whole campaign was really luxurious. I enjoyed each and every single moment doing this campaign and I really appreciate Astronomy Pathshala’s hardwork. That test was easy to me just because of AP trained all of us! The sessions from AP was lovely. So, I really loved the overall campaign. That campaign really overwhelmed my heart. Thank You Astronomy Pathshala.

Sumaiya Islam Amy AP The Guardian of Planetesimals

Whenever we got stuck in the campaign, AP team was always there to help us out. We learnt and discovered new through the campaign. I am glad that they brought this international campaign to us. All in all, it was a pleasure to be a part of AP and being a team from Bangladesh.

Mirana Tahsin AP The Guardian of Planetesimals

Overall the campaign has been pretty interesting. I'm highly honoured to get such a privilege. I really enjoyed the whole time of asteroid hunting. I enjoyed the whole campaign and hope to participate in future The training sessions conducted by the instructors were really good.

Shatul Moni AP Asteroid Gazers

I really really enjoyed the campaign . Overall I enjoyed the campaign .Thank you Astronomy Pathshala for giving me the opportunity to participated in this campaign . Honestly the feeling of being citizen scientist is really amazing . I will participate in this campaign again inshaAllah.

Rubaiyat Nowshin AP Spazio Fleet

It was an amazing experience to work in this campaign and I am really elated to be a part of this. The memories and achievements gathered through this campaign will always be preserved in my mind.

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